Tuleap stores a lot of information in different system log files to help you analyze your instance.

These system log files are in plain text and can be opened with any text editor.


  • /var/log/httpd/access_log: contains all hits to your instance passing through Apache.
  • /var/log/httpd/error_log: contains all errors encountered when pages generated by Apache are constructed.


  • /var/log/tuleap/codendi_syslog: contains information about backend operations like a system event execution.
  • /var/log/tuleap/cvslog/: contains information specific to the CVS activity.
  • /var/log/tuleap/git_syslog: contains information on operations executed in the Git system event queue.
  • /var/log/tuleap/git_http_error_log: contains errors specific to the Git HTTP activity.
  • /var/log/tuleap/burndown_syslog: contains information on the generation of burndowns by the tracker plugin.
  • /var/log/tuleap/project_xml_import_syslog: contains information specific to the XML project import process.
  • /var/log/tuleap/statistics_syslog: contains information on operations executed for the statistic generation.
  • /var/log/tuleap/tv3_tv5_migration_syslog: contains information related to tracker v3 to tracker v5 migration.
  • /var/log/tuleap/archive_deleted_item.log: contains information about what is executed by the archivedeleteditems plugin while archiving deleted items.
  • /var/log/tuleap/debug.log: contains debug information. Should not be useful outside a development environment.
  • /var/log/tuleap/botMattermost_syslog: contains information on the BotMattermost plugins behavior.


Openfire is a XMPP server used by Tuleap for the IM plugin. The logs of the Openfire server are located into /opt/openfire/logs/, please check the Openfire documentation for more information.